OUT HERE and Cacttus/ Creative Arts Coalition to Transform Urban Space present

    September 9th, 2017
    4pm - 9pm
    326 Elm Ave Long Beach, California, 90802


    Carminas production is anchored in nostalgic, poetic and sensory issues, believing that the human being needs to reconnect with this aspect in the midst of a chaotic and destructive system. Her work involves playful elements, because it is to play an important part of childhood, period in which the instincts are followed without repression. She submits herself to constant changes in mental states because it is a catharsis, a means of emotional and spiritual growth.

    The popular aesthetics of the border folklore and the Mexican gastronomy trigger and serve as material for this artist’s production, who seeks for a multisensory balance. He takes different context approaches towards some sensations that the social system labels as incorrect. He analyzes the human behavior attached to said social system, highlighting the submissive reality we actually live in. As an artist, he seeks to remain in a state of stimulation, journey which has guided him to a constant exploration of materials and disciplines, such as textiles, found art, painting, sculpture, among others.

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